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Trademarks Australia

  • How to choose Trademarks AustraliaAre you looking for trademarks Australia?  Making sure that you have registered trademarks can be your most valuable business asset.
  • Trademarks in Australia give you the exclusive right to create and grow a brand and legally enforce those rights over everyone else.
  • Offering more protection than registering a business name, registering an Australian trade mark can give you legally enforceable rights for your goods, products and services over anyone else in Australia.
  • Once your marks are registered, your Australia trademarks have full protection in all jurisdictions, states and territories for a period of 10 years.
  • If you’re thinking about registering your trademark for your product, service, name or brand and want further professional advice on exactly what you can and cannot protect, let us do a FREE trademark search on your behalf – CLICK HERE.

Trademarks Australia

australian trade markYou must remember that registering a business name or company name with ASIC, or a domain name with a domain registrar does not give you the exclusive right of use.  To have exclusive right of use, you must register your business name, product, service or brand as a trademark.

If you are considering bringing a new product or service to the market, then it is vital that you get the right intellectual property protection for it. A trademark is the best legal way which offers the most protection for your product, service or brand. Trademarks Australia can be:

  • letters, numbers, words, phrases, sounds, smells, shapes, logos, pictures, aspect of packaging, any combination of these that distinguishes your product from another.

Differences Between Trademarks and Business Names

trademark searchIt is very important that you understand the differences between registered trademarks and registered business names. To ensure that you have the exclusive right of use to your business name within Australia by registering your business name and/or domain name as a trade mark. Your accountant and business lawyer or attorney can help you with business and legal advice, however for the best advice and help on any matters relating to trademarks, it is best that you contact a trademark professional, like us at Quick off the Mark Trademark Services.

It is vitally important that you use your registered trademark. If you don’t use your trademark then other people can apply to have your trademarks Australia deregistered if you have not used the mark in the course of doing business over the course of three years.

Trademarks Australia – What to do to Register trade marks Australia

  1. Go to IP Australia’s website for all the basic information needed before applying for your registered trademark, including working out the eligibility requirements.
  2. Search IP Australia’s online databases (ATMOSS) to search if a identical or confusingly similar trademark already exists in the same class or classes.
  3. Get pre-approved for your trademark application using TM Headstart. Although not officially binding, a TM Headstart report will give you the best idea.
  4. Get the best advice from trademark professionals to ensure that your application has the best chance of being approved.

Quick off the Mark Trademarks Australia

intellectual propertyA lot of people register their business names and/or their company names believing that they will have legal rights to the name.  Hypothetically, if you start a business and you do not do the required checks, you may have registered the business name, you may have a domain name, and even a company name registered with ASIC, you could lose the rights to all of that, if someone has a registered trademark in the same class of goods and services to your business.

All businesses need trademarks Australia to protect its valuable intellectual property.  If you do not register your business, brand, product or service as a trademark, then you could lose potentially $1000’s of dollars, and years of your time and goodwill.  At Quick off the Mark, we are experienced trademark professionals and we will guarantee that your Australian trademark has the best chance of being accepted by IP Australia.

What can Quick off the Mark Trademarks do for you:

  1. Get a Free trademark search – Fill in our easy-to-use online form, and we will conduct a basic trademark search of the ATMOSS database FREE OF CHARGE.  We will give you our advice and a written professional opinion, all 100% free of charge.
  2. We prepare, file and manage all of your trademark application to the point of being accepted by IP Australia.  We offer this for our fixed fee guarantee.
  3. We LOVE what we do!  Trademarks are our life, we LOVE trademarks, love fighting for your trademark rights, we LOVE small to medium businesses and entrepreneurship, and we LOVE great marketing and branding.  We are passionate about what we do and we love Trademarks Australia.
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