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It is very important that you protect your business, brand and/or product online.  Don’t lose out by failing to have a registered trademark!

The next steps in our fast and easy trademark searching and registration process is to allow us to do what we are best at – searching for trademarks and applying for trademarks!

Quick Off The Mark are First For Trademarks in Australia!  There are lots of problems that could arise if you do not ensure that an experienced trademark professional has carriage of your case from start to finish.

We will be in contact as soon as we have done what we need to do!  Or, if you don’t want to wait, please feel free to contact us on our FREE CALL 1800 35 25 75.

Potential Problems with your Trademark

  • Costs Spiraling Out of Control

Most law firms will charge an hourly rate for professional time spent on your trademark matter. If a problem occurs it could take hours of times to sort it out. You might be forced to pay $1000’s or simply quit and wear your losses!

We obtain a full report from IP Australia BEFORE making your application. What this means is that for the minimum amount payable, we let you know exactly what you need to provide to guarantee registration of your trademark. If it is hard to register or unregistrable, then you know before you invest $100’s or $1000’s.

  • Inflated Legal Costs and Professional Fees

Have you ever felt ripped off by your lawyer or legal firm? Over charging for a trademark search, charging for every email, letter and phone call?

We offer a FIXED FEE GUARANTEE! We guarantee that the price we quote is the price you pay! We will NEVER CHARGE for communication with us. Our commitment to this is shown by our 1800 35 25 75 FREE CALL phone number, we actually pay for your calls to us! Get a 30 second instant trademark estimate NOW!

  • Lack of Communication

Have you ever had problems getting hold of your lawyer? We have all been there, getting palmed off to a junior or an answering service!

You get to call us on our 1800 35 25 75 phone number for FREE and speak to a real trademark professional every time. If you want to talk to us face-to-face then we can arrange a Skype appointment at a time that’s best for you.

  • Lack of Disclosure and Transparency

Without full disclosure and transparency you could be ripped off by lawyers padding their bills or by solicitors putting your matter to the bottom of the pile, and there is nothing you can do about it!

We will keep you informed at every step of the process. This includes giving you access to your IP Australia application, full disclosure of fees and charges. As soon as we know something, you will know it too.

  • Lack of Security Online

Do you fear that your intellectual property might be compromised online? Do you worry that you might be giving over sensitive information on the Internet?  Most Trademark websites DO NOT have secure encryption!  Free Trademark Search.

Our website is secured with 256 bit encryption which scrambles all information as it travels across the web. You can be 100% sure that any and all information given to us over our website will be safe and secure. Just look for the green secure padlock and the “https://” in the URL address bar above.

Why Quick Off The Mark Trademarks!

  • Customer Service– We are FIRST for customer service – YOU are the most important thing to us
  • Australia Wide – we cover ALL of Australia; NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, NT, ACT & TAS
  • Cost effective – we are the best value company offering the best price guaranteed
  • Quick fast processing times – we process your order on the same day for maximum protection
  • Transparency – we offer full disclosure and transparency regarding your application
  • Communication – Always call our 1800 FREE CALL number and speak directly to us
  • Fixed Fee Guarantee – we guarantee, the price you agree to, is the price you pay – Guaranteed

What you should do next:

  1. Contact Quick Off The Mark for Trademarks – CLICK HERE
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  3. Let us take care of the trademark search and application process and take the stress off your shoulders!

Quick Off The Mark – Trademark Search

There are many great reasons why you should protect your trademark.

  1. Secure your rights over a national scale: And not using a registered trademark, you are not in a strong position to guard your trademark coming from confusingly similar marks of others. For instance, in case your business was popular about the Sunshine Coast, yet your mark wasn’t registered, you could not prevent other corporations from using related, or identical, trademarks to identify similar products. In fact, another company may apply for registration utilizing your business name, thereby limiting your use of ones own business name. By applying for trademark signing up, you are able to block other corporations from registering similar marks so as to siphon business down your good status. Registered trademarks provde the right to work with your mark specifically within Australia.
  2. License other parties to utilize your content or products: As web-sites a registered tag, you have the proper to license others to use the trademark for identical products and services. Licensing your mark enables you to expand the reach of this company, as nicely as increase the revenue. You might permit an entrepreneur in order to use your specifications and methods to use new clients. You may want to license your company to another enterprise. Before you look at licensing, however, it is advisable to register your trademark so as to protect yourself versus infringement. Registered hallmark holders have larger power over his or her licensees.
  3. Boost the value of your small business or brand: Registering your specific trademark prevents different businesses from using confusingly similar marks for being competitive within sales. Your own mark has the ability to increase your goodwill among consumers, therefore signifying the caliber of your goods along with services. Registering your hallmark is something to consider in order to obtain or increase outside capital, sell your small business, or leave your small business to family members. A strong, unique trademark is crucial to the success of a business.
  4. Prevent the replication of the mark to confound brand recognition: Registering your trademark prevents others within Australia coming from copying your mark inside hope of cashing in with your established reputation. Owning the registration of a mark puts you inside a powerful, defensible location against potential violation. Your federally registered mark provides you with ability to inflict harsh penalties versus infringing parties: registration can be a powerful deterrent versus copycats and counterfeiters. You’ll want to display your hallmark registration wherever people advertise your products and services.

Seeking Trademark Advice?

When you’re seeking to protect your company’s intellectual property, it’s advisable which you seek the advice associated with an experienced trademark professional at law. Navigating the registration process generally is a lengthy and complex task for anyone unfamiliar with hallmark law. There are searches for being conducted, forms for being filled, and applications for being made. A great numerous applications are decreased when companies meet complications and they are unsure of the direction to go. Additionally, many companies are with no strong, unique trademark to register initially. A trademark professional is not going to assist you inside registration process: they will in addition advice you on the possibilities of your mark being registered mainly because it is.

Successfully registering a trademark is usually difficult, particularly if others with similar products and services are attempting to join up their own logos. A trademark professional will let you defend your tag even before it’s documented, as well while clarify any blocks or infringement cases which you come up versus.

Beware of on the net companies that market their trademarking services. While these services can help you in filing the 1st application, they will often be unqualified to handle dealings with Cerebral Property Australia and the professional who will examine the job. You might be left to take care of these issues on your own. Should any action be used against you, you will be up for additional payments to file an answer.

Take the time to identify a reliable, experienced trademark professional to find their way the complex maze regarding trademark registration. Your trademark professional will aid you in both the first application, and all the dealings to comply with. Register your hallmark with IP Australia to provide yourself the exclusive usage of your mark, and to protect your great reputation from infringement by others.

Quick Off The Mark Trademark Search

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