RILU eBike Trademark Registration

RILU eBike Trademark Registration

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RILU Trading Pty., Ltd. was founded by Kurt Rihs in 2013 with the intention to substantially expand the cycling community in Australia by designing, importing and distributing great, European quality, electrically assisted bicycles (also called e-Bikes, PAPCs or PEDALECs).


RILU trademark testimonialRILU is an Australian brand registered with IP Australia and owned by RILU Trading Pty., Ltd., a 100% Australian owned and registered company (ABN: 84 163 892 751).

All our e-Bikes are designed in Australia! After careful and lengthy evaluations, RILU selected a company in China with more than 10 years experience in exporting e-Bikes of the highest quality and performance to northern and western Europe to manufacture its e-Bikes for Australia.

Unlike many other e-Bikes currently offered in Australia both, in shops and over the Internet, all RILU e-Bikes meet the EN-15194:2009 + A1:2011 standards, are completely street legal and require no special license for the rider to enjoy their performance. In 2014 Alex Jiang Hao joined RILU as a business partner and in early 2015 RILU Trading Pty., Ltd. went fully commercial with its first shipment arriving in Australia.

eBike trademarkAlex and Kurt are both confident that, by taking their high quality and attractive eBikes to the wider community of over 55’s, commuters, students, etc. and letting them experience the joy or riding these bicycles, realizing their low running costs, high reliability and great riding comfort will make one of the fastest growing brands of e-Bikes in Australia.

Our headquarter is located in the inner western suburb of Melbourne at 2 / 2 Caulson Close in Maribyrnong, Victoria 3032 And, soon our e-Bikes will be at a bicycle shop near you. Just check our

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